Our Vehicle

In the first 15 years since it was founded, Boston College EMS provided medical coverage of the Boston College campus exclusively by foot and bicycle. In 2012, through significant community support and advocacy by the Boston College Police Department, Boston College EMS was able to become a certified Class V Ambulance Service.

Our non-transporting ambulance is a 2012 Ford Explorer equipped with lights and sirens and fully stocked with all medical supplies required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These functional qualifications, as well as state certification, make Boston College EMS a fully operational emergency response company.

The vehicle is commonly referred to as “Unit 420,” per its Boston College vehicle identification number. It is used to transport a complete arsenal of medical equipment with great efficiency to Boston College’s main campus and to its satellite campuses, Newton Campus and Brighton Campus. The ambulance operates 7 days a week and responds to a variety of medical emergencies.