Prospective Members

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What FullSizeRenderis required for acceptance to Boston College EMS?

Boston College EMS is open to all undergraduate students at Boston College who have a desire to help people in their time of need. Students can join the organization as either an Observer or an EMT.

Observer Requirements:

  • To join the organization as an Observer, you do not need any EMT certification.
  • You must have current CPR certification, either AHA Healthcare Provider or ARC Professional Rescuer.
    • If you do not have your CPR certification, you may take one of the CPR classes our organization offers at the university and then apply to become a member.
  • We also offer an EMT-B class each semester on campus, which you can take in order to advance to an EMT title.

EMT Requirements:

  • To join the organization as an EMT, you must be a certified EMT. We accept certification from all states as well as National Certification.
  • You must also have current AHA Healthcare Provider CPR certification

What is required of members of Boston College EMS?

As a member of Boston College EMS, we have monthly requirements that must be met to remain an “active” member. The requirements are as follows:

  • Work at least 2 events per month or 6 hours (whichever comes first)
  • Attend 3 hours of education classes per month
  • Attend all required training
  • Attend all monthly general meetings

Application Process

Part One: Written Application and References.

The application provides the opportunity to gather the applicant’s basic information as well as a feel for why the applicant wants to be a part of BC EMS and what diverse perspective and ideas the applicant can offer to the organization. Be sure to put time and thought into all responses. The application also requires one professional reference. Please note, a professional reference is someone who can vouch for the applicant’s qualifications when contacted. A professional reference can be anyone from a former employer or supervisor to a church leader. However, a professional reference should not be someone personally close to the applicant such as a relative or a significant other.

Part Two: Practical Evaluation

As a state accredited ambulance company, our main goal is to provide high quality patient care, and we want to ensure our members are equipped to do so. Observers will be evaluated on CPR skills only. EMTs will be evaluated following the NREMT practical exam requirements, which will include CPR, spinal immobilization, medical assessment, trauma assessment, and splinting. Please note that a practice session will be held prior to the evaluations–we strongly encourage you to utilize this opportunity.

Part Three: Interviews

An interview will be conducted with each applicant by two current BCEMS officers at a scheduled time of mutual convenience. The interview will be formal, have a question and answer format, and be held in the Boston College EMS office. The interview is the applicant’s opportunity to share who they are outside of the written application.

Accepted members will be invited to a mandatory orientation followed by a welcome dinner. Applicants must be able to attend the orientation to be considered for admittance to BCEMS. The application is extensive and we do appreciate the time and effort all applicants will put in. Please be assured that we will give equal time and effort considering each application we receive. This process gives a more holistic view of applicants – from their skills to their motives and personalities. We look forward to reading all of the applications and meeting with all of you. Best of luck!