Kevin. M Eidt

On January 23, 1997, Kevin M. Eidt, a Boston College student, passed awaykevineidt due to cardiac arrest during an intramural basketball game at Boston College. Later that year, Mark Ritchie, an EMT and Boston College student, founded Boston College EMS with the goal of providing quality, emergency medical care to the Boston College community in an effort to prevent any such tragedy from occurring again. That mission still endures today with the same passion and fervor that prompted its creation twenty years ago.

Kevin M. Eidt was an exceptional student, as a member of both the honors program and the dean’s list, but he was also a devoted volunteer and a model member of the Boston College community. To honor his memory, Boston College EMS annually issues the Kevin M. Eidt award to the student-EMT who shows the greatest commitment to upholding this legacy.

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