Boston College EMS is a student-run, all-volunteer, quick response, emergency medical service that has served the Boston College community since 1997. We provide Basic Life Support (BLS) care, through highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), at numerous school-sponsored events and functions. Additionally, in early 2012, Boston College EMS added a Class V non-transporting ambulance to our coverage. The ambulance is operated 7 days a week and responds to all campus emergencies. We also are responsible for running various training courses in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Medical Education, and promote EMS awareness and campus safety to the entire university community.
BCEMS has one of the most comprehensive collegiate EMS education departments in the nation. Find out more about the services we offer to our members and the Boston College Community.


BCEMS provided emergency medical coverage at over 500 events last year, totalling over 9,000 hours worked by our EMTs.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is responsible ensuring the continued growth of BCEMS through external and internal initiatives.

2013-2014 Statistics

  • Events: 508
  • Man Hours: 9,369
  • Patient Interactions: 298
  • CME Classes: 41
  • CME Attendees: 917
  • Total CME Man Hours: 1,379
  • CPR Classes: 23
  • CPR Students: 242