Boston College EMS is a completely student run volunteer organization that is operated by student-EMTs 7 days a week through standby event coverage and the used of a Class V non-transporting ambulance. 


Boston College EMS provides medical education to its members, as well as to the greater Boston College community. We offer a number of courses including CPR certification and EMT certification. 


Boston College EMS is proud to have 75 dedicated Boston College students among its ranks. 




On January 23, 1997, Kevin M. Eidt, a Boston College student, passed away due to cardiac arrest during an intramural basketball game at Boston College. Later that year, Mark Ritchie, an EMT and Boston College student, founded Boston College EMS with the goal of providing quality, emergency medical care to the Boston College community in an effort to prevent any such tragedy from occurring again. That mission still endures today with the same passion and fervor that prompted its creation twenty years ago.



Our non-transporting ambulance is a 2012 Ford Explorer equipped with lights and sirens and fully stocked with all medical supplies required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These functional qualifications, as well as state certification, make Boston College EMS a fully operational emergency response company. The vehicle is commonly referred to as “Unit 420,” per its Boston College vehicle identification number.

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Boston College EMS is a student-run, all-volunteer, quick-response emergency medical care provider founded in 1997. We serve both members of the Boston College community and guests to the Boston College campus. We operate 7 days a week and provide coverage of campus events through strategically placed foot teams, as well as campus-wide coverage with our Class V non-transporting ambulance. In addition to our role as a care provider, Boston College EMS has a commitment to advancing medical education and promoting health and safety among EMTs and students alike through lectures and classes.

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